Funko POP ! Asia New Release 29/Oct/2021 TTS

First Release: 29/Oct/2021, Guangzhou Top Toys Show

The following new products are on sale in our store:

01: Old Master Q

The comic book "Old Master Q" has been popular in the Chinese world for nearly half a century. The plot is witty and humorous and can reflect the current evils. The motivated elements and educational significance are integrated into the lives of readers without knowing it.

And the protagonist in the comics "Old Master Q"-Old Master Q. He is lively, cheerful, humorous, and very kind. He has sparse hair, a horoscope-shaped beard on his face, a slender body, a slightly thin body, and wrinkles on his forehead. The old master often plays different roles in comics, interpreting all kinds of situations in life. Although he is just an ordinary citizen, he also has some cleverness. He can make fun in hardship, laugh at himself and laugh at himself, and sometimes even give life in a humorous way. The backhand blow, although slightly comical, was firm and powerful.

As a comic character, the old master can not only reflect the current reality, but also project our fantasy. The old master also conveyed to people his attitude towards life.

02: Big Potato


Big Potato is the old master's best friend. He has only three hairs, a fat figure and wrinkles on his forehead. In terms of clothing, like the old master, he often wears a black round-neck vest jacket, blue long-sleeved shirt underneath, orange trousers and black Kung Fu shoes. Big Potato is optimistic, simple, kind-hearted, and willing to help others.

03: POP Heroes: Imperial Heroes-Wonder Woman(MT)

Wonder Woman is a superhero under the American DC Comics. Wonder Woman Diana is a distinguished woman. She was the first child born on Paradise Island three thousand years ago-the daughter of the immortal Amazonian warrior queen Hippolyte.

During the First World War, Amazon Princess Diana Prince obtained weapons and equipment bestowed by the Olympus gods, transformed into Wonder Woman, and came to the human world with Air Force Captain Steve Trevor to defend Peace and save the world.

This Wonder Woman also adopts the classic image of the original shape. Whenever Diana saves someone, her unique armor and her headdress will change. It is a metal limited edition.


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